Dienstag, 16. November 2010

.the beauty and miracle of procrastination

Eigentlich wollte ich den Blogbeitrag für NaNo Woche 2 ja schon letzte Woche hier posten, aber ich hatte ein kleines Prokrastinations-Problem (und nein, das habe ich nicht extra gemacht um zum Eintrag zu passen ;)
Daher mit etwas Verspätung die NaNoWriMo Motivationsmail 2 für 2010: Das Wunder der Prokrastination

Wenn ihr die PN am Erscheinungstag haben wollt, meldet euch bei der Schreibwerkstatt an und werdet Teil des größten, deutschen Word Wars.

Actually I wanted to blog this entry last week so it would fit, since it's about NaNoWriMo week 2...
I had a small procrastination-problem (no joke here to make it more fitting ;)
But better late than never: The miracle of procrastination. Enjoy!
(Oh and as always, please remember that English is not my first language. So if, or rather when, you see any mistakes, let me know I'll try to correct them)
Aloha and welcome to all the survivors of the first week of wordapocalypse 2010!
Welcome to the vicious week two.

Week 2 is indeed a nasty little bugger. The euphoria is almost gone, the first plotholes are in sight and the inner editor is on his back for a short visit from his forced vacation to tell you what you're doing wrong.
And to his oppionion that's quite a lot.
But if you'd actually care what he has to say you would not be here right now. So get the bugspray and get rid of that irritating nag because NaNo has to go on.
Or rather not. Because today I'm going to show you something really beautiful: Procrastination.

During NaNoWriMo I'm on my creative high. Not only when it comes to writing but particularly when it comes to shirking from it.
I'm becoming a superhousewife. No joke here. I'm doing all the stuff I actually never do like washing curtains, cleaning windows or even ironing which is something totally useless in my eyes. In November I'm queen of the flat-iron.
I even tend to strech my grocery shopping by having useless conversations with the store clerks which is pretty impressive if you hate small talk as much as I do...
I do inventories of almost everything I own. I arrange my socks based on their color, pattern and holes.
I look through my wardrobe for stuff to sell or give to the Red Cross.
I even sort my books based on their ISBN number, name of the author and his favorite dish, just to go back on my own chaotic system when I'm done (because really, mine is way cooler than any alphabetic order could be)

To make it short: I surpass myself in making up excuses not to write.
Because, let's be honest, there's so much you can't just postpone. It took me long enough to renovate my corridore, I need to do it NOW!
Also, I really need to blog or twitter/facebook/xing/whatever because networking is almost as importand as writing for any ongoing bestseller novelist!
So, this is how I spent my days (with very importand things) until I permit myself a short break to go online.

And this is where I'm confronted with the bitter, harsh truth in form of statistics and numbers which remind me it's still November.
November and that tiny thing called NaNoWriMo which I've successfully ignored the whole day. My wordcount is looking at me like a neglected puppy because I didn't give it any attention and therefore is lagging miles behind everyone else.

And this, my dear friends, is the point the panic comes in. The remorse's wide awake after a good days sleep and ready to bully me for the remaining few hours.
The inner editor is just shaking his head as if to say "Not even I am going to participate in this madness" and goes back on vacation.
My fingers fly over the keyboard and the rest of me is pretty close to a caffein overdose.

This is week 2.
Week 2 is mean. Week 2 isn't any fun at all. That's just a given during NaNoWriMo. Week 1 was new and cool and exciting and most likely exertive because you might have written as much as you havn't for ages.
Now life wants you back and you know what? Let it have you. Distract yourself, do something stupid and useless, something you usually never do and ignore your wordcount.
Just forgett this whole madness.

Forgett it until you log onto your NaNo profile and have a good look on the statistic.
And now enjoy the sweet taste of panic because you just got your excuse to go crazy.
Remorse isn't fun but it's highly effective.
Use it as good as you can in week 2 (or even 3), make it your partner in crime and have it working for you.
That bugger has to be good for something, right?

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